Nickname: Gamma Phi or G Phi


National Umbrella Group: 

National Panhellenic Conference


National Philanthropic Focus: 

Building Strong Girls


Symbol: Crescent Moon


Mascot: None




Founding Year: 1874

Gamma Phi Beta


Gamma Phi Beta's Creed


Gamma Phi Beta from the past has given
A heritage that makes a fuller life.
Gamma Phi Beta in the present bids
We strive for lasting values and ideals.
Gamma Phi Beta in the days to come
Will prove that fundamentals can endure.
Therefore we shall embody in our lives
The truths that make for finer womanhood.

Once more we pledge a loyalty that means
Adherence to all true and noble things;
A learning that enriches all our days
With magic gold that is forever ours;
A labor that each hour will glorify
The simple, common task, the common cause;
A love that will be strong and great enough
To encompass and to pity all the world.

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