2021 Recruitment Resources

Thank you for your flexibility as we adapt to the unique experience of a partially virtual semester. On this page, you will find information about upcoming events and resources as you prepare for the Fall Formal Recruitment Process. More items will be added throughout the semester and summer.


We encourage you to also look at individual chapter pages (under the "Sororities" header).

Recruitment 2020 Structure

​The structure for 2021 has not yet been determined. This will be updated as the structure is finalized. Information below notes what the process was Fall 2020.

  • Night 1: Video Round

    • Chapter videos will be posted below by the first day of classes for you to view

    • You have the opportunity to send in a video about yourself for chapters to view

    • You will have a meeting on Friday with your Rho Gamma during which you’ll learn how to enter your preferences in Campus Director

  • Night 2: Zoom rounds​​

  • Night 3: Zoom Rounds

  • Bid Night: Mix of Virtual and Small Group In-Person

What To Do

  • Update Campus Director

    • Make sure your email on Campus Director is your @gettysburg.edu

    • Optional: Additional questions have been added to Campus Director to provide the opportunity for you to let the chapters know more about you. The questions are optional, but we highly encourage filling, at least some, of them out.

  • Download Desktop Version of Zoom​

  • PNM Video - Optional

    • Submit a video to help chapters learn more about you

    • Specific requirements can be found on Campus Director.

  • Research the chapters:

    • Look at their National pages as well as their local pages. You're joining both.

  • Review the resources below

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